I have really underestimated the impact a 4-year-old like Stormi Webster (of the Kardashians) can make on this world. Let me begin by saying “Hello” my name is Stormy and I recently made a TikTok video for Adobe that shares my creative process and how I create my art. Like anyone would, I prepared myself for the worst and went straight to the comment section to see what people had to say about me and my work. 

I know I have a unique name. I’ve heard every joke. When I was a kid, old men would make me cringe with their singing of “Stormy Weather” (leave the singing to Ethel and Etta PLEASE) and at 30, I’m pretty numb to every reference. Until reading the comment section of this video…

“Stormi ur just like mommy”

What does that mean?

“Stormi baby xxx”

Ok, has Stormy Weathers been back in the media again?

“stormmmmiii your just like mommy baby”
“Stormy!!! You just like mommy baby”

Clearly, I’m missing something here.

“Stormypyeatte that’s an unique name kind of like stormyWeathers she was on the web too.”

There it is.


and another…

“ur just like mommy baby”

Ok, what am I not getting?

So I google the words ‘Stormi you’re just like mommy’ and discover that there was a Tiktok audio trend of Stormi Webster asking “Are you kidding me?” with Kylie Jenner responding “Stormi, you look like mommy, baby!” This sound can be traced back to a Tiktok account called stormiibabii, a Kardashian parody account that is suspected to be run by the Kardashians but likely isn’t.

There you have it. I made a Tiktok video for Adobe and in perfect internet fashion, people were really excited that I share a name with Stormi Webster. Now when people say to me “Stormi you look like mommy, baby!” I can quote Stormi back at them “Are you kidding me?”

All jokes aside, I’m really proud of the work I did for Adobe. If you want to watch the Tiktok video I made for them. Watch it here…


Meet @stormypyeatte, an artist who utilizes motion graphics, projection mapping and videography to create something totally unique! #adobetok

♬ original sound – Adobe

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